Green Pipeline Project

The Green Pipeline Project is a pioneering project in Portugal that, for the first time, will introduce Green Hydrogen into the Natural Gas network.

Taking place in a closed network in Seixal, it will distribute a mixture of Hydrogen and natural gas to around 80 consumers in the residential, non-residential and industrial sectors.

With injection due to start in the beginning of 2023, the mix will contain 2% Hydrogen initially, and gradually increase to 20% within 2 years

It is the first step to bring the energy of the future into our present, and will have an increasingly positive impact on energy self-sufficiency, economic development, and protecting the environment.

Advantages of Hydrogen

Hydrogen is obtained from water by separating the Hydrogen atoms from the Oxygen atoms through a process of electrolysis.

Furthermore, it is one of the most abundant elements on our planet and its characteristics allows us to obtain energy with advantages for the environment and for the consumer, as its use will not affect our customers' bills.


It is a clean and safe form of energy.


It is highly renewable.


It emits no carbon into the atmosphere, just water vapour.


It can be distributed through the existing gas network.

Pilot Project in Seixal

Benefiting from the current Natural Gas distribution network and the local production of Green Hydrogen, the Green Pipeline Project will take its first steps in a closed network in Seixal.